2016 Sessions Recap

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What's New: Jive REST API & Analytics Integrations

David Yee - Jive Software, Steve Vorhees - Jive Software,

Unleashing the Power of Simple Stream Integrations in Jive

Rashed Talukder - Jive Software,

What's New: Integrated User Experiences in Jive

Ed Venaglia - Jive Software, Adam Sinnett - Jive Software,

Getting Started with the Jive iPaaS

Yuval Twig - Jive Software,

2016 Jive Developer Platform Keynote

Ryan Rutan - Jive Software, Yuval Twig - Jive Software,

Tech Talk: Developing and deploying Java-based microservices in Kubernetes

Amir Hermelin - Google, Ray Tsang - Google,

Tech Talk: Future of Microservices & iPaaS

Kurt Collins -,

Building Jive Add-Ons Your Way

Drew Teeter - Jive Software, Butch Marshall - TemboSocial,

Old Dog, New Tricks: Adding Features to Jive Cloud

Pawan Shah - ThoughtWorks,

JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon Open Hack

Developer Tips: Building Quick Solutions on the Jive Platform

Andrey Mikhalchuk - 411Labs Inc., Sumeet Moghe - ThoughtWorks, Jussi Heikkola - Jive Software,

Jive Developer Town Hall

Ryan Rutan - Jive Software,

Moving Beyond Forums - Integrated Marketing for External Jive Communities

Kim Celestre - Jive Software, Jill Ross - Hitachi Data Systems, Michelle Groff-Burling - Hitachi Data Systems,

Pick me, engage me, thrill me! Getting and keeping your audience engaged

Matt Laurenceau - BMC Software, Deanna Belle - Cisco, Daysha Carter - American Student Assistance,

Conversations For Good - Building Better Partnerships

Paul Stewart - ON-Brand Partners,

PwC + HeForShe powered by Jive - Putting the social in social corporate responsibility with an interactive community

Abraham Grigaitis - NetEffect Solutions, Dale Meikle - PwC International,

Knowledge Base Innovation and Integration: The Success of the athenahealth Resource Hub

Louisa Carl - Athenahealth, Emily DiPietro - Athenahealth, Brandie Rhoda - Athenahealth,

Powering the RSA Social Conversation with Technical Content

Kevin Kyle - The Security Division of EMC, Andrea Taylor - RSA,

Bedsider U - Utilizing Jive X for college based advocacy

Connor Davies -,

Public vs. private - balancing privacy, security and community in Jive-X

Gareth Ferrier - Surevine, Wayne Williamson - Innography,

Advanced Community Management - Becoming a Community Ninja: 5 Secrets of Community Black Ops

Rachel Happe - The Community Roundtable,

Everything you always wanted to know to benchmark your community (Advanced Measurement Part Two)

Claire Flanagan - Jive Software,

Advanced Community Management - Culture of Innovation - Collaborative Use Cases for Crowdsourcing

Claire Richardson - Thomson Reuters, Dan Kovaluk - Leidos,

Integrating Your Jive Community with Your Digital Strategy

Matt Laurenceau - BMC Software, Jill Ross - Hitachi Data Systems, Emilie Kopp - Bonobo Interactive,

Measurement Techniques to Prove Adoption & Value - Part One

Adib Abrahim - American Airlines, Aaron Kim - Royal Bank of Canada, Meghan Mehrens - Citibank,

Best Practices to Prevent and Moderate Spam

Jennifer Kelley - Jive Software, Sam Creek - CA Technologies,

Advanced Gamification to Drive Engagement and Business Outcomes

Deanna Belle - Cisco, Keith Conley - Bunchball,

Connecting Jive Analytics with Marketing Systems to Prove the Value of Your External Community

Scott Wilder - Marketo,

Design @ Jive: Evolving to Meet the Needs of Every User

Rian van der Merwe - Jive Software, Keith Mitchell - Jive Software, David Doms - Jive Software, Spenser Lea - Jive Software,

Customer & Partner Communities: Improving Your Company's Brand Experience

Deepti Patibandla - Jive Software,

The Interactive Intranet: Taking The Workplace To The Next Level

Jeremy Grant - Jive Software,

Mobile for Jive-n: Appifying The Workplace.

Sandy Cook - Jive Software, Mor Avital - Jive Software, Anuj Verma - Jive Software,

Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers' and Employees' Journeys

Udit Shah - Jive Software,

Engagement @ Jive: Applying Psychology and Economics to Your Customers' and Employees' Experiences

Curtis Gross - Jive Software, Mor Avital - Jive Software,

Achieving business goals with integrations: On Use cases, and people

Hernan Guelman - Jive Software, Yoav Derazon - Jive Software,

Working Out Loud: Driving adoption while tapping into employees' intrinsic motivation to make work better

John Stepper - , Catherine Shinners - Merced Group,

What Have You Done For Me Lately? Challenges for mature communities

Rona Fouche - PwC, Aaron Kim - Royal Bank of Canada, Tim Wike - Thomson Reuters, Michelle Mathias - Mylan,

Changing How We Communicate

Adib Abrahim - American Airlines, Alexander Derno - Deutsche Telekom AG,

Getting Executives Engaged

Daniel Eckhart - Swiss Re,

The Customer-Centric Organization

Peter Broadley - CSA Group, Mark Chadwick - CSA Group, Deborah de Freitas - Spredfast,

Journey to Cloud

Kim England - Pearson,

What comes first? Culture or Jive?

Ashley Wolf - Yahoo, Christine Arnould - Yahoo, Bridget Clark - American Express Global Business Travel,

Your Adoption Secret Weapon

Stephanie Rodriguez - Royal Bank of Canada, Jonathan Blatt - Cisco,

Custom Workflow in the Cloud

Amber Orenstein - Jive Software, Kavan Puranik - Jive Software,

Transitioning from Hosted to Cloud

Emily Harsh - Jive Software, Lindsay Keogh - Thomson Reuters,

Integrating with Salesforce, Aha!

Jeff Moore - Trapeze Group, Christopher Dempsey - Jive Software, Bobby Floujeh - Trapeze Group,

Moving from Widgets to Tiles

Trevor Langley-Jones - Cisco, Patricia Erdei - Cisco,

Merging Jive instances with Schneider Electric

Adam Jamison - Schneider Electric, Thomas Jung - Jive Software, Elizabeth Heinlein - Jive Software,

Building a new world in a jungle made of red tape - How RBC maintains and enhances its Jive installation

Aaron Yemm - Royal Bank of Canada, Scott Romney - Jive Software, Arnold Benson - Jive Software,

Jive 101 (Boot Camp)

Integrations the Jive way

Jez Martin - Jive Software,

Re-energize engagement in established communities (Advanced)

Claire Fletcher - Jive Software, Tracy Maurer - UBM, Jennifer Kelley - Jive Software, Emilie Kopp - Bonobo Interactive,

Design in the cloud: Tips, tricks and hacks

Carrie Gilbert - Jive Software, Ben Zweig - Social Edge Consulting,

Level up: Getting the most out of gamification

Jennifer Kelley - Jive Software, Selin Korustan - Jive Software,

Measuring value in mature communities (Advanced)

Claire Flanagan - Jive Software, Ted Hopton - McGraw-Hill Education,

Jive Healthcare Summit - Morning Sessions

Melanie Wong - MD Anderson, Burt Rosen - HealthSparq, Fran Rechner - Spectrum Health, Amy Castillo - Trinity Health,

Jive Healthcare summit - Afternoon sessions

Meghan O'Brien McNamara - Aetna, Masoud Rabie - Reingold, Dr. Stacy Garrett-Ray - Office of Strategic Integration, Veterans Health Administration, Don Shell - Spectrum Health, Mary Reagan Shapton - Reagan Marketing Design,

The Power & Value of Communities at Akamai Technologies

Judi Cardinal - Akamai Technologies, Kirsten Laaspere - Akamai Technologies, Julie Cardinali Brancik - Akamai Technologies,

Cloud @ Jive : Top 5 Considerations in Migrating to Cloud - How listening to our customers helped improve our Security, Architecture and Innovation in Cloud.

Maureen Byrne - Jive Software, David Cook - Jive Software, Kim Nelson - Nuance Communications,

Navigating on-premise implementations of Jive-n and Jive-x

Karen Glynn - Virgin Media, Max Carton - Sei Mani, Justin Barber - Virgin Media, Paul Hickman - Virgin Media, Anthea Kirk - Allianz,

Automotive Meetup

AD AI-Ghourabi - IHS, Jo Solonika - IHS,