Jive 101 Boot Camp

May 1, 2017

Social Business Boot Camp

Get ready for Jive 101 Boot Camp!

Are you a newcomer to Jive or a brand new Jive customer? This session is designed just for pre-launch communities or communities less than six months old. This session will help community managers, business strategists and technology leads get up to speed on the value of community and the key activities for success.

Jive 101 Boot Camp features:
  • Learn about the four important phases when launching a community
  • Collaborate with experienced Jive community specialists as well as other newcomers
  • Get tips on how to survive JiveWorld and a chance to meet JiveWorld alumni with a community profile like yours

What makes Boot Camp different?

We’ve broken the conference mold for this event! With a round table conference set-up, you’ll participate in small group ice breakers, interactive collaboration sessions and have fun with hands-on creative activities. You’ll hear directly from successful customers as well as Jive experts and get experience with some of the key actions you’ll need to take for your own community launch.

  • Hear real-world stories of community success
  • Learn key steps for launching a community at your organization
  • Network with Jive customers and community strategists


"I was a brand new Community Manager last year. I loved Boot Camp... I learned a LOT from the rotating panel of experts who made presentations feel more like "speed dating" where they each presented a use case."
Patty McEnaney
Community Manager
Envestnet Asset Management

How can I sign up for Boot Camp?

There is a small fee of $300 to attend the Jive 101 Boot Camp. This is a full-day session that is scheduled the day before JiveWorld17 begins. Plan on coming into Las Vegas a day early in order to attend this event. When registering for JiveWorld17, simply select Jive 101 Boot Camp as an added pre-conference activity. A few weeks before the conference, we will confirm your Boot Camp registration via email and provide you with additional information to make sure you are ready for camp.

"The round table panel format of Boot Camp was great for me as I connected with so many people during that session that I then met up with throughout the conference. Many business cards were exchanged."
Keeley Sorokti
JiveWorld14 speaker and Community Strategist
Northwestern University - MS Learning & Org Change