Jive Federal Summit

May 1, 2017

Connect with Federal colleagues at JiveWorld! We’ll cover topics relevant to Government Agencies and Contractors, including initiatives and strategy, share insights from partners growing their businesses, and discuss solutions that are driving business across this sector. You’ll also get key information about Jive’s 2017 FedRAMP Certification process, and Jive's advanced security compliance solutions for regulated industries.

There is no additional fee for this session, however space is limited: pre-registration is requested. To pre-register for this session, visit JiveWorld Registration:

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Federal Collaboration & FedRAMP Sessions
1:00PM - 5:00PM
Department of Veterans Affairs with Reingold – Changing Times: Managing Transition and Transformation in the Federal Government

With the election of a new president every four to eight years, our nation installs thousands of new officials who influence the direction of more than 100 agencies, 2.7 million federal employees, and a budget of $3.7 trillion. This large-scale transition brings numerous challenges.

For example, new leaders require the support of staff with institutional memory, so — particularly under the current federal hiring freeze — retaining the best talent is more important than ever before. In addition, the new administration may implement enterprise wide systems that affect hundreds of thousands of employees, demanding ways to spread innovative best practices across organizational silos and geographies.

At the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the VA Pulse digital workforce hub is a key to overcoming these challenges and more. VA rivals Fortune 5 companies in its size and scope, serving more than 13.5 million Veterans annually at more than 2,000 facilities nationwide. Its diverse and expansive labor force of more than 360,000 employees, many working virtually, operates within a bureaucratic, siloed management structure. VA launched the VA Pulse community with great ambitions: To empower employees to solve big challenges locally and across the enterprise. To retain and share institutional knowledge. To spread best practices throughout the largest integrated health care system in the world. And that’s exactly what happened.

VA employees nationwide are using VA Pulse to develop a multitude of innovative projects and solve the most persistent problems. Whether launching a VA training program for 100,000 employees, implementing a new data management platform across more than 150 VA medical centers, or reducing the backlog of Veterans’ urgent consult requests by 99 percent — it’s all happening on VA Pulse.

Powered by a tailored mix of technology, marketing, and a focus on the employee experience, the VA Pulse story is a compelling case study relevant for anyone looking to educate, empower, and engage employees. Find out how VA did it. We’re presenting at the Jive Federal Summit on Monday, May 1. We’ll see you there!


Leidos (Government Contractor) – Leveraging People Search to Drive Engagement

How many times has someone simply been in search of a phone number, and by going to their organization’s internal community to find this information they have seen an important headline or discussion along the way? People search is one of the most popular tools on any internal community and a key source of site traffic. However, if your community’s people search is not better than your enterprise email, IM platform, or HR system’s directory tools that opportunity for engagement is lost. Jive’s people search can provide rich profiles and powerful search that is more attractive to users than other enterprise directory tools, but you must discover how your users are using people search and tailor your Jive instance to their needs.

This presentation will showcase how Leidos tailored Jive profiles on their internal intranet community and increased usage of the “Browse People” feature by more than threefold in one year. The changes made address basic usability challenges, integration with enterprise data, and special use cases of interest to those in the federal market. All of the customizations featured can be done in the hosted environment.

U.S. Army w/ DSA – JAGConnect: A History of True Culture Change

How do you change the culture of a 242-year old dual profession—the profession of arms and the profession of law? Both professions possess deeply ingrained philosophies of adversarial strategy and the compartmented protection of information. Any change requires near brute force and overcoming years, if not generations, of resistance. Using milSuite, the Defense Department’s enterprise social network featuring a Jive instance known as milBook, the US. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC) has made great strides in fostering effective knowledge sharing and a culture of organizational learning in just six years. With the top down leading by example, strategic messaging, and institutional education, collaboration in the 10,000 member JAGC has tripled in the past two years reaching up to 40% voluntary membership across the dual profession and upwards of 60% voluntary membership in the primary practice groups. With continued development, we hope that knowledge management principles and collaborative mindsets become cultural common practice.


Government Employee Panel featuring NASA, US Army, and Department of Veterans Affairs

In this government employee panel session, we’ll hear from Jive advocates that spread across 3 of our most recognizable U.S. Government brands. Find out how their implementations of Jive are supporting their agencies through todays political climate that consists of new leadership initiatives, hiring freezes, and limited budgets. In addition to that, we’ll dig into how these 3 geographically dispersed agencies are leveraging Jive to fend off IT fragmentation and inbox dependency.

Trying to figure out what you want to do with SharePoint? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of blowing it up, vs working in conjunction with SharePoint. A must see candid panel discussion from U.S. Government employees that should benefit current Jive customers and prospects, as well as companies that contract with the government.



Jive’s FedRAMP Solution featuring Akamai

The Jive for FedRAMP solution couples Jive’s rich collaboration and communication platform with the increased security of a FedRAMP certification. This solution brings digital transformation to the Federal Government. Jive for the Federal Government offers an end to end FedRAMP certified solution.

Jive leverages Akamai and AWS (Amazon Web Services) FedRAMP certified GovCloud infrastructure to ensure your data is protected. Join David Cook, Head of Jive Security, Marc Harell, Jive’s Federal Leader, and Matt Swartz, Akamai’s Senior Regional Channel Manager, Public Sector North America, to hear about Jive’s secure solution, from application layer to infrastructure framework, encompassing our support, deployment and management processes. This interactive session includes presentations, a panel and Q&A.