Jive Healthcare Summit

May 1, 2017

Simplify Healthcare Communication with HIPAA Compliant Collaboration Software

Join your colleagues in the healthcare industry for a day specifically dedicated to our healthcare clients. Learn how your colleagues are leveraging Jive for everything from medical education to wellness communities. You do not want to miss the amazing value you will gain from attending this conference.

There is no additional fee for this session, however space is limited: pre-registration is requested. To pre-register for this session, visit JiveWorld Registration:

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  • Then, under “Pre-Conference Sessions, Monday, May 1”, select the Healthcare Summit from the dropdown:
Morning Sessions
9:30am - 12:30pm

WellSpot is the “connective tissue” that connects leadership strategies to operational layers. Wellspot (Jive) started off at Swedish Medical Group in 2013 and since then has spread to Providence and its affiliates. Clinicians can now easily communicate via mobile accessible social channels to standardize, deliver and optimize care quality.

How the adoption of Jive has improved the delivery system of care at Mediamerica. We’ll share how physicians have used Jive to improve patient experience, solve problems creatively, and keep our intimate culture of caring as we continue to grow our organization.

Learn how Thrive at Work partnered with the Cleveland Clinic by designing “the sociology into the technology” connected to developing a strategy that incorporates learning with social collaboration (using Jive) in the workplace.

Afternoon Sessions
1:30pm - 5:30pm

Trinity Health has successfully used Jive to bring clinical leaders across 93 hospitals and over 1000 practices together to learn and collaborate on clinical and leadership topics. The use of Jive as a collaboration and learning tool has help solve healthcare challenges and skyrocketed change across the organization. During this presentation you’ll learn how we engaged community “gardeners” to extend the reach of Jive groups and harness the potential of the tool in a large, dynamic organization.

The migration to Jive Cloud required an extensive internal risk and ROI review before formally presenting the proposal to management for approval. In this session we will review the timeline, process, and steps Novartis went through to gain approvals for data privacy, data transfer, and hosting that led to our seamless migration to Jive Cloud.

Learn how Medidata has transformed Jive into the engine that runs collaboration at Medidata

See how cross-functional industry experts have utilized Jive to improve their organization.