Getting your community groove back. The fine art of reengaging customers and keeping your program relevant

Session Information

Date/Time Wednesday, 05/03
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
TrackManaging and measuring mature communities

Member acquisition and return visits is the #1 challenge for mature, external community programs. It’s easy to go from shiny-new-toy to one that dies on the vine. Best-in-class community program directors know that staying relevant requires a constant attention to community strategy, solving for shared purpose where business needs and member needs uniquely intersect and investing in the right resources, integrations or content campaigns to grow engagement and drive shared value.

Join this session to learn from 2 long-time Jive customers who will share their unique techniques to deliver member growth and engagement. Oracle will share the 5 year evolution of their award-winning Topliners community and the unique multi-faceted approach to that combines internal stakeholder engagement, gamification to reward desired outcomes and an attention to the customer experience that enabled them to triple in size. Instructure will share how one specific tactic allowed them to go from 22-30 brand-managed live events averaging about 10-30 attendees annually to 16-18 events averaging 50-75 attendees per session monthly by using Jive to put event program coordination 100% into the hands of their 120K community members — and simply getting out of the way.

This session features two external program case studies.

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