Want to make better decisions? Stop using simple analytics. Start using detailed insights using Jive’s DES and well-designed member surveys

Session Information

Date/Time Wednesday, 05/03
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
TrackManaging and measuring mature communities

Measurement is not “just” reporting the easy-to-find metrics with pretty charts and graphs. It requires an understanding what is happening and identifying ways to improve your community. Best-in-class, mature community programs realize the fine art of goal setting, deciding the right metrics to track progress and knowing how to dig deeper into data both within Jive and outside of Jive to get valuable insights for decision making.

Ted Hopton, a Jive data geek since 2008, will share his lessons managing and measuring Mc-Graw-Hill Education’s community program to gain better, deeper insights. First, Ted will share how he used Jive’s Data Export Service (DES) to not only view progress toward their community’s goals but also drill down to the transactional level of who, what, where and when. Ted will share how, when armed with this data, he was able to make key program decisions leading to a 10% improvement in community engagement. Second, Ted will share how he used pulse surveys to solve “the search problem”. He will share his survey techniques, what insights he gained and how these insights influenced key program changes.

While this case study focuses on an internal program, the techniques and metric approaches can be applied to external programs as well.

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