Advanced Community Management

Are you a seasoned community manager looking to become a community ninja? This track is for you!
Targeted to Jive community managers with 2 years under their belt, this track is for Jive customers who have mastered the basics of adoption metrics, user engagement and organization change. Most sessions in this track will feature at least 2 case studies with advanced, practical advice for both employee and market-facing communities around several key themes: advanced engagement techniques, measuring to prove business value, integrating community into your digital strategy, using community to drive innovation and spam prevention best practices.

Developer Conference

jw16-developer-conference-logoBuilding the power of connection using all the capabilities in the Jive platform is a large undertaking. Join us at the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference where Jive engineers and developers will share the latest improvements to the platform and best practices on how to deliver quality solutions. Learn from the experts who are building and using Jive to solve business problems and get your questions answered. Have a question about developing on the Jive platform? This is the track to get them answered. We are here to help.

Employee Engagement and Communications

This track is designed to help business professionals learn strategies and techniques from some of our most successful customers. We’ll explore topics that will help you engage employees and get the most out of your Jive implementation, such as: Using Jive to make your communications more inspiring and engaging, helping your leaders and executives get comfortable with your community, how to drive adoption and support your culture, as well as many other ideas and lessons learned from your peers who have many years experience running Jive communities.

External Community Engagement

Jive-x is your online community that activates the customer journey. In this track you’ll hear how organisations of all shapes and sizes deploy engage their external audience, either on the complete journey or on any of the stages that focus on discovery, research, usage, support, advocacy or analytics to make sense of it all. Furthermore, a panel of security and government speakers will go into how external communities are by no means a compromise to privacy and security.

Innovation @ Jive

Jive is paving the way for the future of work and how customers experience your company’s brand. Come visit the folks working on Jive’s vision and get an early look at new solutions that could solve your critical business problems in areas such as talent management, customer acquisition, and overall business growth. Learn how we are applying new developments in user design, employee and customer engagement, integrations, advanced analytics and data visualization to these problems. Talk about the challenges your company faces and exchange ideas with us. We are listening!

Jive 101 Bootcamp

Are you a newcomer to Jive or a brand new Jive customer? This pre-conference session is designed just for pre-launch communities or communities less than six months old. This session will help community managers, business strategists and technology leads get up to speed on the value of community and the key activities for success.

Jive 101 Boot Camp features:
Learn about the four important phases when launching a community
Collaborate with experienced Jive community specialists as well as other newcomers
Get tips on how to survive JiveWorld and a chance to meet JiveWorld alumni with a community profile like yours

Jive Healthcare Summit

Join your colleagues in the healthcare industry for a day specifically dedicated to our healthcare clients. Learn how your colleagues are leveraging Jive for everything from medical education to wellness communities.

There is no additional fee for this session but we request that you register in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Pre-Conference Workshops & Sessions

Kick off your JiveWorld experience a day early with our pre-conference workshops, featuring hands-on training and interactive sessions to help you to get even more value out of your use of Jive.

Pre-registration and additional fee required.
Please note that Pre-Conference workshops and sessions are not included with your JiveWorld registration; each session is $225 to attend. Please be sure to select the appropriate sessions along with your JiveWorld registration.


Technical Implementation

This track will focus on getting it done. So many Jive communities require coordinated efforts from both Jive and our customers, with each member of the implementation team bringing their expertise to the table to make it all happen. Sessions will cover integrations, customizations, migrations, on-prem wizardry, and winning! If you want to hear stories about Jive and customers coming together to solve difficult problems in the name of adoption, this track is for you.