Justify Your Trip : Developer Edition

JiveWorld17 for Developers is the must-attend Jive developer event of the year!

JiveWorld17 for Developers brings Jive engineers, customer and partners together for an amazing and interactive knowledge sharing developer experience.

  • Dive in and try the latest Jive integration capabilities in the three-day JiveWorld17 Tri-Hackathon featuring developer events to unleash your inner-hacker.
  • Hack alongside and have your toughest Jive development questions answered by the Jive engineers who build and breathe the platform at the three-day Hacker Lounge.
  • Meet Jive engineering executives and product managers face-to-face in the Developer Town Hall and get insights into the future direction of the platform.
  • Learn about technology partner solutions and integrators who can help you accelerate solution delivery solutions on Jive.
  • For more details, view the JiveWorld17 for Developers agenda and keep an eye on additional details in the Jive Developer Community.

We know your time and investment in attending JiveWorld17 for Developers will more than pay for itself, but we also realize it might be difficult to get management’s buy-in, so we’d like to help out.

Not a Developer? Get the Business Edition “Justify Your Trip” Letter

Simply download the justification letter below, customize it to your needs, and send it off to your manager.

Download the Letter

...or Copy/Paste the text below to build your own email / letter to your boss

JiveWorld17 for Developers Proposal



Re: Proposal to attend JiveWorld17 for Developers

I’m writing to ask for approval to attend JiveWorld17 for Developers this May 1–3 in Las Vegas.

JiveWorld17 for Developers is a full three days of deep-dive Jive platform integration discussion, development and education from a diverse base of customers, industry influencers and product experts. During the conference, attendees have the option to participate with Jive platform engineers in an interactive tri-hackathon designed to educate all developers on the powers of the Jive platform. In addition, attendees will have the option to attend the Jive Developer Town Hall, where they can meet face-to-face with Jive engineering executives and get insights into platform direction and priorities.

This one conference is the single largest collection of Jive Developer mindshare every year, including IT, enterprise architectures, cloud services and user experiences. At a total cost of about $2,098, it's the most cost-effective way to ensure that we’re getting the most from our investment.

In particular, I’d like to focus on finding solutions or best practices that could benefit these projects:

• [add project or initiative]
• [add project or initiative]
• [add project or initiative]

Attendees will also have access to the broader JiveWorld17 conference, which is packed full of opportunities to engage with Jive product experts, consultants and strategy and technology partners. This will no doubt help me better deliver solutions to requirements from the business.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

Airfare: $450
Transportation: (round trip taxi from airport to hotel) $40
Hotel: (3 nights at $225 tax) $675
Meals: (most meals covered by event) $75
Registration Fee*: $1,095
Total: $2,335

This conference should deliver incredible value. I’ll develop new contacts with industry peers and gain knowledge in specific areas of the Jive platform. These “wins” will pay off in the form of streamlined practices, tested solutions and a network of peers to network with for advice and support further down the line.

I’ll submit a post-conference report that will include an executive summary, lessons learned, tips and a set of recommendations to maximize our current and future investments in Jive.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.


*If we send three or more people the registration fee drops to $875. This is a great way to save money while sending multiple representatives from different parts of the organization that work with Jive, such as business owners, IT developers and executives.